Bed Bug dog team consultations

Dave started working his first Bed Bug Dog back in 2008.  He has seen all the ins and outs of this unique industry.  Here are some of the ways we can help your group.


Testing and Evaluating

Want to make sure your K9 team is working to the best of its ability? We can test that you dog is able to find and alert to the desired odor or do an in depth evaluation of searching and behavior. This is a good way to ensure that you are giving your clients the high quality service that they deserve. 


Scent Training Consultation

One thing we have noticed over the years is that some handlers do not have a complete grasp on scent and what their K9 partner is searching for.  We can teach how scent behaves and how it affects your team.  We can also give advice on ways to make sure the dogs are looking for the desired odor, and not distractors.


Living with a Working Dog

How you live with your working dog can have a huge effect on how they perform in the field.  Let us guide you on the most optimum way to live with your K9 partner.



Finding bed bugs is important, but so is looking professional when you are entering and leaving a clients facility.  We can give you the tools to look professional all the time without affecting your dogs drive to search.


Behavior Modification

Having problems like aggression, separation anxiety, barking, jumping etc..  Let us help you find ways to fix these issues.






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